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I always love my job, but sometimes it is even fun, unadulterated fun, like the kind you used to have as a kid.

For example, when I was doing this article on Landmark Bank, I found out the bank had done several rap videos, which were posted on YouTube. I went there and looked at the videos and watched several of them, well, several times. They were hilarious. What other job could you have where you get to look at funny videos as part of your work?

That’s why I love being  a reporter and writer.

Even better, the article, a sidebar to a bigger piece, highlights two other things that are great — the willingness of some publications including the Columbia Business Times to have some fun with what they publish.

Another thing this article highlighted was the serendipity of reporting, especially of good reporting. When I started writing the piece on Jeff MacLellan, I didn’t know about these videos, but when I was interviewing Sabrina McDonnell of Landmark Bank, she mentioned the video which included a clip of Jeff MacLellan doing his best to stay on the beat. When she mentioned the video, I followed up asking why a bank would be doing rap videos. The result was an interesting sidebar that accompanied the larger, more serious piece, about Jeff MacLellan.

The end result? A good sidebar, some fun and an opportunity to listen to a rap video while on the job.


Take a look yourself. 

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