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The moral to this case study is experience is the key to getting it right the first time. That’s why Water Lilies turned to Works Design Group when the frozen food manufacturer decided to launch its own brand. Water Lilies wanted to pitch its new brand Mandarin Market to the difficult notoriously competitive market of premium club stores.

Works Design had lots of experience working on packaging for other products that had won shelf space in club stores such as Costco.

The result? A perfect pitch that gained Water Lilies a spot in one of Costco’s regions.

Now that’s success and it came from the experience of Works Design Group on packaging and Water Lilies on making all-natural frozen Asian food.

Read all about it here:

Packaging Propelled Private Label Manufacturer to Costco Success — Water Lilies had been making private label frozen foods for years. When it decided to launch its own brand, Mandarin Market, the right packaging landed it a spot in Costco on the first try. Read about what made this kind of success possible in this case study published in Package Design magazine.

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OK, it’s safe to let this secret out: I don’t drink beer. At all. But that didn’t stop me from writing this case study on Ballast Point’s package redesign for this San Diego craft beer and spirits producer.

That’s because as a reporter and writer I don’t let anything get in the way of getting the article done and done well. Ballast Point products aren’t sold in Missouri yet, but no worries. A few extra telephone calls and photographs and I learned exactly what the package design looked like.

It’s not what I know or don’t know, drink or don’t drink. It’s my drive to learn everything I can about any subject I’m assigned that makes me love my job, and I think that passion for getting it right no matter what shows in this case study for Package Design magazine.

Take a look and see what you think.

Rebranding Brews Sales — Ballast Point craft brewery got a fresh look — and improved sales. Read about how MiresBall made this craft beer and spirit producer stand out in the crowded market.

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This case study about Kellogg’s 2013 Target special summer promotion highlights how this cereal giant made vintage designs work. The dangers are many – will consumers think it’s old packaging and old cereal? Will a redesign be effective and reinvigorate consumer interest? Or will it just look old.

The answers are in this case study, which Editor Linda Casey of Package Design called beautifully written. I think the story, “Modern, Vintage, Hip,” also highlights the benefits of team work.

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