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At my first journalism job in 1987, one day my editor asked me if I was a writer or a reporter. I wasn’t sure what she meant by the question but I answered writer. She said good, that meant I’d always be looking for the right word and a way to make my writing better.

She was right, but today, I think I might answer reporter because I have come to think we need more facts, figures and accuracy than pretty writing. Yet, I still go back and forth. It doesn’t matter how important the facts are if no one reads them.

On that note, the Writer magazine, offers tips on how to write as well as how to research. And just as important, how to sell your work. It also helps writers keep up with the times, with articles on issues such as copy right, social media and provides an excellent, resource-filled website.

So what do you think? Is it more important to be a writer or a reporter?

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